Online IDE ? – do it yourself


Jupyter Notebook is one of the most useful tool for data exploration, machine learning and fast prototyping. There are many plugins and projects which make it even more powerful:

But sometimes you simply need IDE …

One of my favorite text editor is vim. It is lightweight, fast and with appropriate plugins it can be used as a IDE. Using Dockerfile you can build jupyter environment with fully equipped vim:

FROM continuumio/miniconda3
RUN apt update && apt install curl git cmake ack g++ python3-dev vim-youcompleteme tmux -yq
RUN sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
RUN conda install xeus-python jupyterlab jupyterlab-git -c conda-forge
RUN jupyter labextension install @jupyterlab/debugger @jupyterlab/git
RUN pip install nbdev
RUN echo "alias ls='ls --color=auto'" >> /root/.bashrc
CMD bin/bash

Now you can run the image:

docker run --name jupyter -d --rm -p 8888:8888 -v $(pwd)/jupyter:/root/.jupyter -v $(pwd)/notebooks:/opt/notebooks qooba/miniconda3 /bin/bash -c "jupyter lab --notebook-dir=/opt/notebooks --ip='' --port=8888 --no-browser --allow-root --NotebookApp.password='' --NotebookApp.token=''"

In the jupyter lab start terminal session, run bash (it works better in bash) and then vim. The online IDE is ready:



[1] Top image Boskampi from Pixabay